How do I pay with a check:

This payment method is no longer available for orders on/after January 17, 2024.

How do I pay with a credit card:

To pay by card, select credit card during checkout and enter your payment details. The shipment will begin processing once payment is approved.

Why can't I remove sales tax before submitting an order:

We are unable to remove taxes before the order is placed, but once the order has been submitted we can refund/remove the sales tax if your organization is exempt.

How do I remove taxes:

If your organization is tax exempt and we have a copy of your tax exempt certificate on file: Send us an email to billing@hudl.com with your order number requesting to remove the sales tax. If you paid with a credit card, we can refund the taxes. If you selected purchase order, we can remove the taxes from the invoice and send you an updated copy.

If we don’t have a copy of your tax exempt certificate, email a copy to billing@hudl.com along with your order number and we can update your tax status on your account and remove/refund the taxes from the order.

If your organization is not exempt, you are responsible for paying any applicable sales tax.